Standby Specials

What is 'Standby'?

'Standby' is an opportunity for our customers to have a Cut & Design from any of our stylists (including seniors) from as little as £35.00*!

You know how airports will sell 'Standby' seats on flights, at knock-down rates, to those who are prepared to take a chance at the last minute? Well, we're doing the same with Cut & Design appointments!

How does Standby work?

Needless to say, we have to be fairly strict with our Standby service. Each day, if there are available appointments, we will allocate a few Standby slots. A price will be quoted to you at the time of booking - prices start from £35.00. Telephone us on (023) 9252 6553

Morning Standby

Call us the day before, preferably half-an-hour before we close for the day (see our opening times) and ask if there are any morning Standby slots available the following morning. Or phone us FIRST THING in the morning... There's NO GUARANTEE that you will get an appointment, it's a chance you take! We can't allocate Standby appointments any earlier than this, so please don't ask!

Afternoon Standby

Call us at 12.45pm onwards and ask for Standby. Again, there are NO GUARANTEES, and we will NOT allocate any Standby earlier than 12.45pm.

Standby Rates - The Rules!

  • *Our £35.00 Standby rate is only ever available on Morning Standby, on our first appointments of the day, so you'll need to call us the evening before to qualify... or turn up on the off-chance!
  • There is NO GUARANTEE of Standby appointments being available, and only a few are allocated at the Management's discretion each day.
  • We will ONLY allocate 30 minutes before the end of the day for the next morning, or first thing in the morning, for Morning Standby appointments, and at 12.45pm at the earliest, for Same Day Afternoon appointments.
  • *Standby prices start at £35.00 on weekdays before 4pm
  • These rates are available off-peak only, and no other discount applies. You cannot choose your designer, your Stylist/Designer will be allocated upon arrival.